Quick Guide To Cleaning Your Toilet

fresh clean towelsNo one likes to talk about the toilet, but keeping it clean is one of the best housekeeping decisions you can make. An unclean toilet is not only unwelcoming, but it is also potentially hazardous to your health. It is especially important to keep it as clean as possible if you have little children running around. Here are some ways you can have a beautiful toilet for your home.

The Cleaning Process

When you clean your toilet, don’t feel that you just have to go and get the best service for house cleaning. You can take care of this yourself it’s just that there needs to be a process you go through to make sure you are cleaning it properly. After all, it is the dirtiest place in your house, and you want to make sure you are not doing anything to spread bacteria and put anyone in your house at risk.

First of all, spray down the entire surface of the toilet with a general bathroom cleaning spray. Then you ought to let that cleaning solution sit there for a few minutes. This gives it time to properly kill a lot of the germs that reside on your toilet.

Finish up by wiping down the toilet with a clean cloth or paper towel. If you use a cloth, make sure it is one that is clean and that you do not use anywhere else.

Once you are finished with it, clean the cloth thoroughly and only save it if you are going to use it on the toilet again next time.

Keeping It Clean

You also want to make sure that you clean as you go when it comes to toilets. It is easy to just a spill or a small mess slide every now and then, but you really shouldn’t, especially when it pertains to your toilet. If you let any liquid or other substance drip from your toilet and get on the tiles, it can get into the grout and stain or stink. Letting it sit there will make it harder to get out later.

Be sure to clean up any messes on or around your toilet as you notice them. The quicker you act, the more thoroughly you will be able to clean.

Cleaning Rings

Rings in the toilet bowl can be a nuisance, especially since they don’t really come out with conventional cleaners.

brand new toiletYou will want to use a specialty cleaner made just for toilet bowls. Once again, letting it set for a few minutes before washing it away with a flush is the best way to kill germs and ensure a cleaner look for your toilet.

Sometimes, the buildup inside your toilet is so bad that regular cleaning sprays won’t work, even ones made for the toilet bowl. In that case you may need to hire a professional cleaner. But if you cannot afford that then you can always resort to using pumice. This volcanic rock does wonders for these stubborn stains, no matter how stubborn they are. You can just rub the pumice along the ring until the ring disappears. Your toilet won’t be damaged at all with this method, so you have no need to worry.

If you do need a professional cleaning service then be sure to ask your friends for recommendations.

If you follow these guidelines, your toilet will look its very best. Regular cleaning, the right methods and a proven process are your best tools in the fight against your bathroom!